Vision 2020


Here at Rhema Gospel Church, we are passionate about building a community of faith that embodies and demonstrates the true nature of Christ. Guided by Proverbs 29: 18 and Habakkuk 2:2, we have set out to develop our Vision 2020 which addresses a concern that as we grow, we remain connected as a church family. As a people-centered ministry, our central focus is on meeting the real needs of the people

How to Support Rhema Vision 2020

Connect to VISION 2020 through faith, prayer, and commitment. Pray for Vision 2020, and be a part of something significant, a legacy for your children and future generation.

Determine your commitment level

  • Prepare your heart through prayer. Ask God what you would give
  • Trust God to supply and provide what you have committed to Him
  • Obey the voice of God to act boldly

Making a financial commitment

    • Fill out and submit online pledge card

    Start giving in person or online via our Pushpay App [*Vision 2020” fund].